All About Anna

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Seattle is my city. I may have been born and raised on the East Coast and grew into an adult in the UK. I adventured to Botswana and back. But Seattle is where I settled. Seattle is where I belong.

From 9 to 5, I do my best impression of a nonprofit communications specialist – trying to use my near-fluent grasp of the English language to describe the work to improve health care around the world. When I’m not doing that, I’ve been known to dabble in a book or two and have the teeny-tiny library to back it up. I’m also a fan of making LEGO spaceships.

WordSmash is the result of my nascent passion for writing. I’ve always loved to tinker with words – bouncing them off of each other, twisting them around until they were dizzy, and seeing where they land. Capturing this wordplay can sometimes seem like an act of pretention. But why call it wordplay if we all take it so seriously?

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